Taormina, Sicily

You will finally be able to enjoy some retail therapy when we visit Taormina. You’ll surely find the perfect treasure to bring home while strolling through the streets exploring all the beautiful shops!

But that is not all that Taormina has to offer.  Spectacularly perched on the side of a mountain, Taormina is one of Sicily’s most popular summer destinations.  It is a very touristy resort town popular with holidaying high-rollers and those wanting a taste of Sicilian dolce vita.

Taormina is known for the Teatro Antico di Taormina, an ancient Greco-­Roman theater still used today. Near the theater, cliffs drop to the sea forming coves with sandy beaches. A narrow stretch of sand connects to Isola Bella, a tiny island and nature reserve.

Founded in the 4th century BC, Taormina enjoyed great prosperity under the Greek ruler Gelon II and later under the Romans, but fell into obscurity after being conquered by the Normans in 1087. Its reincarnation as a tourist destination dates to back the 18th century when northern Europeans discovered it on the Grand Tour. Among its fans was the famous English writer, DH Lawrence, who lived here between 1920 and 1923.

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